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Your Everyday Average RPG

A Parody Tutorial

A stalwart hero.
A fantastical world.
An epic destiny.
A free parody game.

You read that right! In this initial showing of Dusty Tome's game house, you play your everyday, average RPG hero: a young man with an epic destiny and nothing better to do with a sunny evening. Experience this hero's tale as told by three snarky narrators who guide you through the ins and outs of playing an oldschool RPG as you move to confront a great and prophesied evil that threatens to sit there and wait until you get around to it!

YEA RPG boasts nearly an hour of gameplay, easter eggs, stuffed teddy bears, RPG references, and a goth girl. Don't wait! Adventure calls!

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Intro screenshot
House screenshot
Abandoned Weapon Shop
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